[KPhotoAlbum] Help with mass tagging?

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Wed Sep 4 23:10:04 BST 2013

I have around 30k photos (taken by my partner) in KPhotoAlbum. About 7k
of them are tagged. I tag pretty quickly - 100 - 200 per hour, but
that's still forever for that many photos with more coming (and she
doesn't use KPA yet.)

Is there anything that will help me at least partially tag the photos in
an automated fashion?

I just saw a post on imgseek which looks useful - if - it could be used
with or for KPA.



Has anyone done anything like this? Or does anyone like the idea enough
to attempt it? I don't have the coding skills for anything of this level.

In any case, the program looks like it might be interesting to people on
this list.


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