[KPhotoAlbum] Strange behaviour of tagging dialog in hierarchical view

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sat Mar 30 14:58:57 GMT 2013


I just feel confused by the behaviour of KPA 4.4.
Here is what I see:

I have a hierarchy of "places". It looks like this:
  Baden-Württemberg [Federal State in Germany]
    Freudenstadt [town]
      Empfingen [small town near Freudenstadt]
      Kniebis [a village near Freudenstadt]
      Zollernstraße [street in Freudenstadt]

Now this isn't exactly precise design. Surely "Empfingen" is no part of
"Freudentstadt". And "Zollernstraße" and "Empfingen" are two different
levels of granularity altogether.

But what I want to say is: All the sub-categories of "Freudenstadt" are
in or near Freudendstadt, so I don't need to remember the exact detail.

Now here is my current problem:
I had the KPA tagging dialog open and switched to tree view.
The current foto is untagged. I click "Freudenstadt" - and KPA not only
switches this on, but also all sub-categories below Freudenstadt
(Empfingen, Kniebis, Zollernstraße, ...)

Problem 1:
This doesn't happen every time, but only sometimes. What is the "rule"
behind this ?

Problem 2:
I consider this plain wrong. If the photo belongs to "Freudenstadt", it
doesn't belong to Empfingen and Kniebis and ...
(If the hierarchy would be
Surely a photo taken somewhere in Europe isn't taken in Germany, France,
Spain, ... all at the same time.)

Worse: If I would now add "Norway" below "Europe", KPA surely wouldn't
add "Norway" to all photos tagged "Europe" previously - only the newly
ones would get tagged this way.

What is the reason/motivation behind this behaviour ?

Slightly confused...


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