[KPhotoAlbum] Importing photo information

John Pearson jpearson42 at wowway.com
Mon Aug 26 15:55:34 BST 2013


I am not sure that this question is on topic for this list.  If it is not,
could you advise me where to ask it?

I have approximately 10000 images which are largely scans of family photos. 
Kphotoalbum looks like the perfect tool with which to organize them.  Most
of the images have captions identifying the people, places, in a separate
text file currently.  It seems that the description field would be the
perfect place for the captions.

I watched and read all of the documentation I could find and I found not way
to import the captions as a batch process.  I tried entering a few manually;
but that would be a very slow and tedious process.

My solution was to globally set the description field to a known phrase. 
Then I created a script to match file names and replace the known phrase
with the caption line for the photo.  Checking the index.xml files with diff
after the substitutions shows the substitutions are in the correct places
and that nothing else in the index.xml file has changed.

However when I try to open the revised index.xml file with kphotoalbum, I
receive the error message 'Failed to recover the backup: unexpected
character'.  Searching for the phrase has not shown me anything useful.

I am running version 4.4 of Kphotoalbum on a Kubuntu 12.04 system that is
fully updated.

Is there some way to sort out or identify the 'unexpected character' in

Or would there be a better way to import the caption information for the



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