[KPhotoAlbum] Image Stacking in KPhotoAlbum

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Fri Mar 18 08:08:53 GMT 2011

> In mine, it is the lower right corner upon which I have to click. Then,
> I have to click in the space to the right of the stacked images to see
> them all. That does show all the images in the stack, and then I can
> indeed select the one I want to be on top. I then have to select
> "Collapse all Stacks" in the "View" tab to get them all back together.


yes, there is a bug in the current release, where the stacking feature
behaves in this regard always as if the image is a landscsape one. So
you have to click in the space beside the image, it it is a portrait.



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