[KPhotoAlbum] Make "Run Program" much faster

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Fri Oct 22 19:18:05 BST 2010

On Friday 15 October 2010 01:00:12 Robert Krawitz wrote:
> I don't remember if I actually sent this in.  If you right click on an
> image in the viewer and accidentally hover over Run Program (on the
> selection), it is extremely slow.  I tracked that down to the Run
> Program code looking at all the files to determine the set of MIME
> types in order to select appropriate programs to populate the menu
> with.
> If we make the assumption that MIME type is determined solely by the
> extension (which is probably reasonable for this purpose), we can
> speed matters up tremendously.
Committed, thanks.

I've actually been hit with that quite a few times, and each time wondered 
what hit me.

In the future, please attach patches, as inline patches has the risk of line 
breaks, which breaks them.

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