[KPhotoAlbum] Git migration

Jan KundrĂ¡t jkt at gentoo.org
Sun Oct 17 16:19:57 BST 2010

Andreas Neustifter wrote:
> Besides that maintaining a Git repo with patches coming in can be a 
> little overwhelming at first (its not as straight forward as SVN) and I 
> would not like Jesper to have less time for KPA because of that :-)

I feel the need to comment on this one -- right now, anyone with KDE 
account can commit to our SVN repo, and in practice, any of "KPA 
developers" can review patches sent by "external people" and apply them 
to the repo at will. I don't seen any reason to change that with Git -- 
simply have the same group (...but see below) push changes into the 
central repo, no matter who wrote the patch.

Of course, that group of "KPA developers" has grown over the years, and 
I see no reason for stopping the growth now. That means that patches are 
most welcome.

-jkt, hailing from Taipei

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