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Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Tue Oct 5 12:33:04 BST 2010

There are now more than 200 application pages on UserBase that are being 
translated into a variety of languages.  However, before that can happen work 
has to be done on pages to prepare them.  As I work my way down the list I 
came to KPhotoAlbum.  To be honest, I had thought that the project was 
discontinued, so I'm delighted to see that it isn't.  However, the pages on 
UserBase are quite old, so almost certainly badly out of date.

What is needed
There are a bunch of pages - none of them long - and it would help if 
volunteers would take one page each, say, and bring it up to date.  The pages 
http://userbase.kde.org/KPhotoAlbum_FAQ (fairly long)

There is also http://userbase.kde.org/Image_Kimdaba on which I had done the 
preparation work before realising that the page is so out of date that maybe 
it needs deleting.

Benefits to KPhotoAlbum
As the language translation system is gaining momentum, you will rapidly see 
new language pages evolving.  UserBase is using the Special:myLanguage 
extension, which means that anyone reading in any language other than English 
will be directed to pages in their own language wherever such pages exist. 

We also have the capability to export for use by the DocBook creation team.  
Some applications have found it convenient to build their documentation on 
UserBase, with a view to having easier maintenance of documentation which is 
easily passed to the i10n team.

If we are to keep the KPhotoAlbum subpages I'd want to move them into 
structure consistent with the rest, for instance, KPhotoAlbum_on_Windows would 
become KPhotoAlbum/Windows.

I'd welcome both help and comments.  If there are specific things that the 
project would appreciate, please tell me, either here or by visiting #kde-www.

Thanks for reading ;-)

KDE Community Working Group
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