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Hi all!

One area where KPhotoAlbum lacks a bit of functionality is the
importing of images into the KPA tree. I do not think that this import
step should be incooperated into KPA (as well as the image editing is
not part of KPA). This adheres to the Unix philosophy, especially the
"Make each program do one thing well." [1]

Nevertheless there is no proper standalone image importer, so I wrote
one, I'm shamelessly abusing this mailing list to publish it and ask
for feedback: https://github.com/astifter/PhotoImport

What I'm especially interesseted in is:
How do you import your photos, how do you sort them? Whats the time
granularity of your sorting? 

I usually just copy the photos from the card (I use a card reader with slots for several different types of cards and USB connection) using Kongueror, Nautilus or Dolphin (or sometimes cp from a terminal). I now create folders for the date plus something descriptive, e.g. of the form "2010-11-10_<descriptive title>". I then do any editing with the GIMP.  I usually rename the photos to be more descriptive. I sometimes then use a script called WMDD. You can see the original and the modifications plus discussion at:
The version I use is the full script posted by alpha1 with the correction shown near the end. This renames the files to something with the "picture taken" date and time first, then the name. This gives a granularity of 1 second.  I admit that I do not do this as often as I should. This script only works with JPEG images. I can send the full script as I now use it if there is any interest.

And do you shoot JPEG or RAW?

It depends upon the purpose. With my point and shoot camera, I do not have any option: it will be JPEG.   With my DSLR, shooting RAW gives me much better control over things like the colour temperature  gamma, gain, etc. using the UFRaw plugin for GIMP.  However, it is more time consuming as I must convert the images to JPEG or TIFF before I can do things like including them in SCRIBUS or OpenOffice documents or uploading them to photo finishers for printing.
(Currently the tool supports importing the photos of each day from a
folder into a separate folder named YYYYMMDD_<custom> where the day
starts a 6:00 AM and lasts 24 hours.)

I hope these questions are okay on this list.

Cheers, Andi

I hope this helps,


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