[KPhotoAlbum] Method for copying image data.

Andreas Neustifter astifter at gmx.at
Sat Jun 5 09:57:40 BST 2010


When I move around images and edit them at the same time KPA does not
recognise them anymore as the old picture and adds them as new.
(Thanks okay, it can not know...)

To be able to tag those new images quickly (and for other purposes) I
have written a "Paste" where you can:
1.) Copy one image. This enables the Paste command.
2.) Select multiple other images.
3.) Select File->Paste (or Ctrl-V).

This copies all the metadata from the one image to all the others
without the angle attribute (this is better to take form the new
image I guess).

Its still not perfect, but any comments?

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