[KPhotoAlbum] Phoko - KPA web-album software (latest plug ;)

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Sat Jan 16 20:21:50 GMT 2010


 I got excited the past few months (well, as excited as I have
 the time and the skill to be) and made a few improvements to
 my Phoko application.

 It's a web front end to KPA that I wrote in PHP, using CodeIgniter
 (an MVC framework).  It has a bit of JS (jQuery) but it tries to keep
 out of the way.  One of my primary goals is to always provide
 transportable URL's with good longevity.

 Ideally, the web server you run this on has access to your KPA
 image repository - but this isn't essential.  (You can instead run
 it on your KPA image repository box, and then just rsync the
 cached thumbs / medium sized images up.  I have about 600
 images in it now, and the cache is about 120MB.)

 To publish a picture, you nominate a Keyword tag in KPA - and when
 Phoko runs it parses KPA's index.xml, grabbing all the images with
 that tag.  This tag - and any others you nominate - are hidden from
 the casual web user.  Every time web page is loaded it does
 a time-stamp check between KPA's index.xml (if it's available) and
 Phoko's cached / stripped down version of same - if the KPA file
 is newer, it re-gens the Phoko version.

 I'm getting into how it works, now, rather than features.

 Uhm, GPL, of course.  Very well documented internally - I'm a
 bit OCD about commenting my code.  Logic is pretty neat, I think,
 as this is a full re-write from an earlier non-MVC, non-structured,
 non-planned version I threw together a few years ago.

 Your web visitor can filter on whatever tags are visible (I still
 have one bug with handling tags containing parenthesis), or
 navigate quickly using a jQuery slider.

 Anyway, check out the links below if you're interested.  Always
 keen on getting some feedback, as I think it's a pretty neat app,
 and more versatile than the basic 'export everything as HTML'
 due to the dynamic updates it'll take from the KPA repository,
 but I'm well aware that self-assessment is no recommendation.

 My own site (but you can think of it as a demo :)

 Help screen showing most of the features:
 Project page with git clone link:


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