[KPhotoAlbum] image sorting and moving

Wes Hardaker kpa at capturedonearth.com
Mon Jan 4 22:54:27 GMT 2010

>>>>> On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 18:42:26 +0100, "Jesper K. Pedersen" <blackie at kde.org> said:

JKP> | - It would be great to have a more direct way to physically move or copy
JKP> | a selection of images to a new destination (just plain copying without
JKP> | editing)? I understand that kpa tries to leave the photo collection
JKP> | intact and like that approach a lot, but the tagging feature would be
JKP> | most useful when files the selected files could me copy moved (e.g., I
JKP> | could tag (token) the best, the not so great, or the images needing
JKP> | editing and copy/move them to a separate directory for processing with
JKP> | another program). The only way to do this that I have found is to
JKP> | "export to remote computer" (and then enter a local destination), delete
JKP> | the files in KPA, and then rescan the collection. This is rather
JKP> | complicated for such a simple step. Or did I miss something?

JKP> Well there is a "secret" trick. You can drag your selection to a
JKP> konsole, and it will dump all the file names then. You can then
JKP> prefix that with "mv" and postfix it with the directory you want to
JKP> move them to.

I also hope to commit a patch to SVN in the next few days that I wrote a
while ago that allows you to select a bunch of files and then run a
command on them.  I frequently run something like "cp %all ~/tmp", for example.
Wes Hardaker
Captured On Earth Photography

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