[KPhotoAlbum] Thumbnail latency

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Fri Aug 20 19:50:35 BST 2010

  For me, the thumbnail feature in kpa 4.0.2 is largely unusable because 
it activates too quickly.  When I move the mouse across the pictures, it 
shows thumbnails instantly and makes concentrating and selecting 
pictures almost impossible.

Just viewing the pictures directly in dolphin is no problem at all.  I 
think the only difference is that dolphin doesn't display the thumbnails 
so quickly.  the mouse has to hover over the picture for a short time 
(latency) before a thumbnail appears.  That way, when you're moving the 
mouse, no thumbnails appear until you pause the mouse at a picture where 
you want to see a thumbnail.

Is there any way to get kphotoalbum to behave the same way - with some 
added latency to thumbnail display?


Joe - kpa 4.0.2 - kubuntu karmic x86

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