[KPhotoAlbum] Adding a new Category

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Tue Apr 21 08:07:27 BST 2009

I've been having a heck of a time trying to organize my pictures and it
appears that KPA is exactly what I was looking for.  I just have to
figure out how to use it ;)    .

(KPA 3.1.1 kde 3.5.10 kubuntu hardy)
I'm trying to add a new category.  It happens to be Animals, just like
in the video on the website.

I went to Settings->Configure KPA->Categories->New and entered Animals
for the label then clicked OK.
Next, selected a few pictures, right clicked on them and selected
Annotate Multiple Items At A Time.
Next, selected Options->Show/Hide Windows->Animals and an "undocked"
Animals Window appears.
Next, dragged the window down by the Keywords pane where I expected it
to automagically get converted into another pane like it appeared to do
in the video. Nothing happened.  It just stayed a separate window.  It
looks like a standard kde window and does not have the little
"dock/undock" arrow on it, etc.

I tried Options->Save Current Window Setup and then clicked on the OK in
the Annotations Window.  That saved the Window the way it was, but when
I opened annotations up again it was still a separate window and I had
to restore it from the task bar every time I did anything on the
Annotations Window because it ended up behind it.

The category itself appears to work, I just can't seem to get it to be a
pane like the other (default) categories are.

What am I missing?



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