[KPhotoAlbum] InvalidCharsetId?

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Fri May 16 12:25:13 BST 2008

Mark Eichin wrote:
> Turning off that part of metadata sync actually did fix the problem,
> so it probably was exif-reading.

That string really comes from EXIF. Have you used some third-party
application to edit image metadata? It's possible that it used a
non-standard encoding.

> However, that brings up another question - from the menus, it looks
> like the default is actually to *write* back to the jpgs?  Looking at
> my actual files it doesn't appear to have done so, but the settings
> pane for it seemed to imply that...

Nope, the default is "it writes to your files if and only if you select
the Maintenance -> Write Metadata menu item". The KPhotoAlbum motto "I
won't write to your files unless you ask me to do so" still holds.


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