[KPhotoAlbum] Shortcuts broken

Christoph Moseler forums at moseler.net
Thu Mar 20 20:20:25 GMT 2008


the shortcuts in the popup-menus disappeared. If you do a right-click in 
the Thumbnailview or the Viewer, neither the shortcuts are displayed nor 
pressing the associated keys has an effect.

The shortcuts are currently set like that:

seek->setShortcut( info.key, KAction::DefaultShortcut );

The problem is, that KAction::ActiveShortcut is missing, see 

If the second parameter is removed, the default
  KAction::ActiveShortcut | KAction::DefaultShortcut
is used and -- we have back the shortcuts.

I fixed that by replacing ", KAction::DefaultShortcut" with "" in the 
whole source-tree.

Happy Easter,

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