[KPhotoAlbum] Question about KPhotoAlbum

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Tue Jul 15 17:47:38 BST 2008

> On Friday 11 July 2008, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> | Would it be possible to add a feature where by all this information could
> | be embedded into the pictures itself?
> | This way, say, if my brother copies the root folder for my pictures, and
> | uses KPA, he wouldn't need to do any annotation work at all.
> |


while you can surely use IPTC (*), I would recommend another approach:
(Especially if your brother uses KPA too)

Make the pictures you want to hand over visible in the KPA preview window
(e.g. by a search or by just clicking "Preview" for your root folder)

Choose 'File/"Copy/Export Images"'
This lets you decide how to hand over the images themself. But basically 
it generates ".kim" file, which contains all the meta-data for the 
chosen photos.

Hand the photos and the .kim file to your brother.

He now starts KPA and chooses File/Import
Now the real cool feature is, that the import will let him choose a 
mapping between "your" tags and "his" tags for each tag found in the kim 
So if you use different tags you avoid getting a mixture by the import !

Run 'Maintenance/Recalculate Checksum' because this doesn't seem to be 
filled by the import.
(The checksum enables KPA to find the images again, even if you reorder 
the images in a new folder structure - another real cool feature of KPA; 
this saved my day when I did a big reorg of my pictures and only 
afterwards learned, that KPA takes care of this...)



I see several downsides of IPTC:
- It doesn't support hierarchical tags
- Depending on your categories, it might not be possible to map all your 
meta data to IPTC
- Your brother needs to know, how to map the IPTC data back to KPA tags 
on import.
- You risk getting (slightly) different tags for the same contents
- You have to rewrite your photos including the IPTC tags - any problem 
here can mess your photos.

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