[KPhotoAlbum] Combining EXIF search and tag search ?

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Wed Jan 16 21:25:16 GMT 2008

Jan Kundrát schrieb:
> Martin Jost wrote:
>>> Perhaps you're using that option "automatically jump to thumbnails when
>>> search returns less than X items". 
>> Where is this setting located ? I wasn't able to find it (using 3.1.0)
> "Settings -> Configure KPA -> Thumbnail View -> Auto display limit"
> (last but one item on that page).
Yes found it.. Thank you.
IHMO this urgently needs a tooltip. At least I didn't get the meaning 
until after your explanation.

And another point:
When I opened the dialog, it already said "Never".
I moved it to another value, tried just the tag search. (Worked as 
expected) and then changed the value again to "never".
Now the combined search behaves as expected.
But I suspect, that I didn't realize the difference between the tag 
search initiated from the "Home page" (Narrows down) and the menu entry 
(searches all photos)

Thanks for the help


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