[KPhotoAlbum] suggestions for handling incorrect camera time and time settings?

g b gev000 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 17:48:42 GMT 2008

Hi to all,

in a few words I am looking for any canonical or recommended ways to
inform kphotoalbum
of the correct timezone for image files, without touching those files.

The longer version:

After the holidays I realized that on one of my cameras I had not
adjusted the DST settings, and as a result pictures from various
cameras that should be essentially very close to each other on a
timeline, are now one hour apart. This has happened before, and every
so often there is an interval of one or two weeks during which
timestamps are off by +/- 1 hour, or even +/- more hours depending on
how many time zones I crossed when traveling.
I have sufficient external records to actually know what the correct
time or time zone should be.

I can use programs like jhead etc. to apply uniform offsets to the
exif timestamp data of the incorrectly dated images, but I would like
to avoid that, for data integrity reasons.
I do not want to alter the original image file once it comes of the camera.

Is it possible to specify as a property of the image the offset from
GMT/UTC which should be applied to a given image timestamp? This way
kphotoalbum would be able to put all images on a common time line,
adjusting for the camera time settings, but also without touching the
original files.

Any ideas?

Thanks for an incredible program!


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