[KPhotoAlbum] timeline or release schedule for kphotoalbum/kde4?

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Aug 3 09:54:05 BST 2008

A KDE4 release will hopefully come at the end of September, but it all depends 
on how much time we get to put into it by then.

On Saturday 02 August 2008, Rex Dieter wrote:
| Is there any timeline or release schedule for kphotoalbum/kde4?
| I'm asking mainly in order make plans on what to include in Fedora 10,
| whose final freeze looms in a couple of months.  We're hoping to be able to
| remove kde3 versions of libkipi, libkexiv2, libkdcraw (which conflict with
| kdegraphics-4.1 newer versions).
| -- Rex
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