[KPhotoAlbum] Search on exif tag

Baptiste MATHUS ml at batmat.net
Sun Sep 23 21:48:02 BST 2007

Hi all,

I've got a small question on a feature I never or so used before: search by
exif tag. I can't find how to access this feature, though in the old KPA
news, there's explicitly said we "now" can search by exif tag :-).

My use case is the following: in the same directoy, I've got photos coming
from two cameras. The thing is: one had its date not correctly set. So, I
have to show only its photos to adjust the date (thanks to KPA plugins, it's
easy to shift the date of a group of images).

So, how can I select only this photo subset ?

Thanks a lot.

Baptiste <Batmat> MATHUS
BMathus at Batmat point net - http://batmat.net
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