[KPhotoAlbum] Grid View: extra line on bottom ?

Henner Zeller h.zeller at acm.org
Sun Apr 29 15:21:55 BST 2007

In the process to 'get into' the code, I am right now looking into
adding an option to the thumbnail view settings to choose the
background color (I liked the black background for thumbnails in
previous versions of kpa).


While reading the code (ThumbnailView/ThunmbnailWidget.cpp), I found in
paintCellBackground() around line 423 the following code:
        p->setPen( palette().active().light() );
        p->drawLine( rect.left(), rect.bottom() -2, rect.right(),
rect.bottom()-2 );
.. basically adding another line at the bottom of the grid.

I wonder why this is ? It makes the view more ugly because horizontal
and vertical have different thickness and color. So I am inclined
towards removing it (which indeed looks much nicer, especially with
black background), but since this looks deliberate .. anyone knows why
this is there in the first place ?
Maybe a reason that is gone ? The svn-logentry of this change 497856
(by Jesper)
"use color themes in the thumbnail viewer"
doesn't really help.


Henner Zeller | h.zeller at acm.org

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