[KPhotoAlbum] KPA and Windows

Neil Paisnel neil at paisnel.co.uk
Sat Apr 28 07:58:17 BST 2007

Using 7.04 Kubuntu Feisty as released on 19th April, and also Kubuntu 6.06,
swapping out HDD to switch OS.


Even now the screen resolution changes randomly when ever you turn it on, it
doesn't seem to be the hardware as when booting into Win NT, or 2000, or XP,
screen res stays the same.  To have to go in to xorg config afte every two
or three re boots is a pain, and that is for both kubuntu distros.  It just
does not seem to like the Intel 815 and i810 driver.  Tried all sorts of
other combos of driver set ups but nothing stable, yet in Win it all works


The girlfriend is getting sick of me sitting in front of the thing from 6 in
the morning, till I go to work at 9 or 10 am, and then again in the evening
till midnight, don't think I have seen daylight outside work for the past
two weeks....If I carry on trying to get it to work, I think she will leave


Networking is difficult, Internet keeps dropping out, when the 3 other
machines (either XP or NT)in the house network can connect to the net via
the router the linux box will connect once for say a google search, then
fail to connect again until you re boot it.  Shove a windows HDD in and boot
of that and no problems.


I was really looking forward to junking Windoze and moving on to all linux,
but I want to get out the house occasionally, I don't want to spend the rest
of my life indoors tweaking the f***ing things so they work.


Had a really shit day of it, been on here now for 14 hours, and still have
not got any further.  Really ought to turn the f*ing thing off before I put
a bloody axe through it...or more to the point the girlfriend gets back home
to find me still here and she puts and axe through it.


Ah well, it has not got me beat yet, I'll keep on persevering, start again
tomorrow another fresh install and see if that improves things  :))





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