[KPhotoAlbum] Compile for Windows XP

Neil Paisnel neil at paisnel.co.uk
Thu Apr 26 10:40:23 BST 2007


I have read the wiki on this subject, and got as far as installing cygwin,
and getting the required packages. The bit about changing the
qt-compilation, version number with a hex editor I could not nderstand at
all.  I installed a hex editor, but could not find the string that the wiki
refers to, to change.

And as for compiling, well, I did not really know where the commands should
be typed into.

Anyone have a ready compiled version/package that I can use?

It would be very gratefully received, as the girlfriend wants to use
KPhotoAlbum on her XP machine now she has seen it on my Kubuntu.  I stupidly
said, OK, yes no problem...wish I had kept my mouth shut



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