[KPhotoAlbum] Idea for quick search feature

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Wed Apr 25 09:12:35 BST 2007

I like the idea, but do have a few concerns/ideas/whatever.
- First, It might be usefull with some way to specify wheather searching 
should be incremental, or when enter is pressed (in the case for searching 
taking 20 sec :-)
- Imagine this use case:
  I type June in the search bar. 
  I then see I have 2000 images from June, and want to start drilling
  I therefore press persons

Will the search bar still say June? and if so, can I now not search in the 
persons list?

- perhaps it would be better with a new icon saying general search, which 
brings up a line edit for typing in the search string, but that was just a 
thought, please carry on.

Jesper (Who still only have internet when he goes to a bar)

On Monday 23 April 2007 15:24, Shawn Willden wrote:
| Disclaimer:  This wasn't my idea, it came from someone else on the list,
| but I liked it and want to implement it.  I'm looking for feedback from the
| list to help answer the following questions, plus any other general
| comments/criticisms/flames, etc.:
| Does the basic idea make sense?
| Do you think it's a bad idea to provide yet another search mechanism?
| Will the different behavior of the search bar in category list vs other
| views be confusing to users? Can you think of any useful refinements?
| Do you have any suggestions for implementation, especially related to how
| to make it fast?
| I'd like to enable the search bar even when not in a category list view. 
| At present it's disabled in the "home" view and in the thumbnail view, but
| I think it should work all of the time, acting as a filter that searches
| all tags, labels, descriptions, dates, folders, filenames, etc.
| From the home view (does that view have another name?), typing anything
| into the seach bar should reduce the image counts displayed on the "Show
| Thumbnails" line and the date bar, and probably also reduce the category
| counts to those that include images that match.  Viewing thumbnails should
| show the narrowed list, obviously, and search bar filtering should be in
| addition to filtering done by drilling down through categories and
| filtering by date bar selections.
| From the thumbnail view, typing into the search bar should filter the
| thumbnails displayed.
| As I said above, I'd like this search filter to search on everything.  For
| example, if I type "adam" into the search bar, I want my result set to
| include any images with:
| Any tag including "adam", for any category
| A description containing "adam"
| A label containing "adam"
| A folder name containing "adam"
| A file name containing "adam"
| I'd also like this to apply to dates or pieces of dates.  So if I type
| "June" the result set should include all images with a tag, description,
| label or pathname including June, plus all images with dates in the month
| of June or with date ranges that span the month of June.  Month names will
| need to be localized, and I guess abbreviations should also be allowed.
| Perhaps at some point we might want to allow boolean specifiers, grouping,
| etc. of search words, but for now I think I'd just interpret mutliple words
| as an implicit AND.  So "adam june 2006" would find images that:
| Contain "adam" in some tag, description, label, folder or filename; AND
| Contain "june" in some tag, description, label, folder, filename or date;
| AND Contain "2006" in some tag, description, label, folder, filename or
| date.
| I think that should be fairly intuitive to users who can read it as "find
| pictures of adam in june 2006".  The very broad nature of the search might
| mean that they get a few images in the results that surprise them, but I
| think that's okay.
| All comments appreciated,
| 	Shawn.

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