[KPhotoAlbum] Idea for quick search feature

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Mon Apr 23 23:25:10 BST 2007

Shawn Willden wrote:
> On Monday 23 April 2007 08:17, Jan Kundrát wrote:
>> That would be horribly confusing, IMHO. 
> Can you expand on what would be confusing? I grant that users might get
> results including images they didn't expect, but I think the general use case 
> for this sort of thing is to keep typing more filter information until the 
> list gets small enough that you can find what you're looking for visually, so 
> that's not such an issue.

Maybe I used too strong expression, sorry. A simple string matching
would be very useful, no doubts about that, my reply was about complex

I thought that this ANDing is not common in desktop SW at all. For
example, Thunderbird/1.5's quick search does simple string match, so if
you enter "foo bar", it doesn't match on "foo bleh bar". OTOH, Amarok
does essentially what you described, so it probably isn't as confusing
as I thought.

So, to rephrase my former post in a more polite way :) -- I think simple
search box in the style of Thunderbird would do the job.

> Seems simple enough to me.  "pavel m" would probably get you most all of the 
> images of various Pavels

The biggest problem would be that "M", IMHO, as it would match a lot of
other things. Quoting seems to do the job, though.


cd /local/pub && more beer > /dev/mouth

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