[KPhotoAlbum] sql backend

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sat Apr 21 14:51:56 BST 2007

Angel Lopez schrieb:
> I have a question about the sql capability of KPA (3.0.2). In Help -->
> KPhotoAlbum Feature Stauts/ I have everything saying Yes. But In
> Settings --> Configure KPhotoAlbum --> Database Backend, there is only
> one choice: XML backend.


at the moment, KPA can only use the xml-format for (most of) the meta
data, especially everthing in the index.xml file.
The datanase support is used in form of sqlite to save (only) the exif
data. You need this, if you want to do queries against the exif meta
data of the photographs.

There have been plans to use a sql database for the data stored in xml
format, but at least until now, this isn't usable. (You may even find
part of it in the source code and/or confiugure-options)

So while this doesn't solve your original request, it hopefully
clarifies the situation. (I once had the same confusion, about what  the
sql interface is used for)



Can anyone of the current maintainers give a short update of the plans
to add support for sql for the data in the index.xml ?

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