[KPhotoAlbum] annotation dialog layout problem

Piotr pitrasw at wp.pl
Thu Apr 19 10:03:32 BST 2007

Kphotoalbum 3.0.1 under Gentoo Linux with KDE 3.5.5. I've got a problem
with annotation dialog - the main dialog (window) is completly empty.
Only basic buttons are on the bottom of it. I opened the subwindows
(with annotations like keywords and persons) and try to place them on
the main window but it's not possible. Only thing I can do is to move
subwindows to one of the subwindows but not to the main window. In the
result, when annotating photos,  I got 2 windows - the main which is
empty (only buttons) and the second window where I placed all
interesting annotations "subwindows".
The same situation was in the 3.0. To solve that I tryed to manually
setup layout.xml file but without luck. When I press the button which
should bring me default annotations window's layout - nothing is changed
- the main window is still clear (except buttons). Also copied the
default-layout.xml to layout.xml - main annotation window is still clear.

As I remember I also got this trouble in earlier versions of the program
but then I could easily place subwindows on the main window without trouble.

Can anybody help me?


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