[KPhotoAlbum] [KPhotoAlbum-announce] KPhotoAlbum 3.0.2 released

Rui Malheiro rmalheiro at 6mil.pt
Tue Apr 17 08:51:39 BST 2007

[Terça, 17 de Abril de 2007] Dominique Gonzalez:
> KPA 3.0.2 crashes at startup.
> It is used with mandriva2007/KDE3.4.5
>     [KCrash handler]
>     #6  0xb7e9cd8a in Exiv2::ExifData::ExifData () from
>     /usr/lib/libexiv2-0.12.so
>     #7  0x081b032c in Exif::Info::exifData ()
>     #8  0x081732c1 in DB::FileInfo::parseEXIV2 ()
>     #9  0x081739ac in DB::FileInfo::FileInfo ()

I've had KPA crashes due to differences on the level of libexif2 linked by it 
and digikamplugins. At the time KPA was linked to libexiv2-0.12 and 
digikamplugins was linked to libexiv2-0.11. It would crash anytime I open the 
plugins menu or the configuration dialog.

Rui Malheiro
6 Mil - Tecnologias de Informção, Lda.
Lisboa, Portugal  <http://www.6mil.pt>
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