[KPhotoAlbum] Contest over!

Rui Malheiro rmalheiro at 6mil.pt
Fri Sep 29 15:09:39 BST 2006

[Quinta, 28 de Setembro de 2006 12:45] Jesper K. Pedersen:
> Now let the discussion start, should the three letter KPA be included as in
> the left version or not as in the right version? I'm biased towards leaving
> them out.

Now that the splash thing is past, maybe we could do something about the KPA 
application icon? The reason I bring this up is related to this subject  
since I think it only makes sense to include the "three letter KPA" if it's 
meant to be the new application icon.

So, how about an icon contest? ;)

Rui Malheiro
6 Mil - Tecnologias de Informção, Lda.
Lisboa, Portugal  <http://www.6mil.pt>
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