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Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Tue Sep 26 22:54:59 BST 2006

I've told Jesper that I'm losing dates from my images if I change the
date or change anything for a single image (Ctrl - 1), If you have the
same problem (check Maintainance - Display Images With Incomplete
Dates - Search for images with missing date and time), you can be

This is what happens here:

On 9/23/06, Jesper K. Pedersen <blackie at blackie.dk> wrote:
> On Thursday 14 September 2006 07:09, Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> | Hi!
> |
> | If I select multiple images and set a date space (08.08.2006 -
> | 12.08.2006) for them in the annotation dialog and click OK, then open
> | either the annotation dialog for a single image or preview the image,
> | the date is not set.
> Well something you do differently.
> I do this:
> - I start kpa using -demo
> - I select view images
> - I choose the first three images (the two with me when I was younger, and the
> one with my electrical eel)
> - I press Ctrl+2
> - I then press the mouse in the from field, typing 8/8-2006
> - I press tab to get to the to field
> - I type 12/8-2006
> - I move the mouse to the OK button and presses OK
> - I press Ctrl+1
> The date is set just fine on all the images.

I did the same. There are no new dates in the images when I go to see
them with Ctrl+1 but only the old ones. And when I've scrolled through
these three images and scroll back from the last to the first - the
dates are gone! No more dates, the date fields are empty.

> |
> | It I set the date only for one image, before I change anything, it
> | uses the file date. I set the date in the annotation dialog, click OK.
> | Now when I open the annotation dialog again (or the image preview
> | window) - the image doesn't have a date at all.
> Again start the app
> - I select the first image.
> - I press Ctrl+1
> - I follow the steps above to set 8/8-2006 to 12/8-2006
> And that just works fine for me too.

But doesn't for me - when I press Ctrl-1 again, the date's gone.

As far as I found out, changing anything in a single image makes the
dates disappear but tagging more than one image at a time (Ctrl-2)
keeps the dates - but doesn't either change them, even if I wanted..
This way I have now some images without dates (well, readable from
EXIF's but..) since I've tagged some individual files.

No-one has confirmed this??

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