[KPhotoAlbum] raw photos once again..

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Wed Sep 6 08:30:40 BST 2006

> | And the new SVN seems to be a lot faster than the old one I had, great
> | work!
> Good. I wonder what made it faster though :-o

I suppose my last SVN download failed (nothing new..) so I only now
got a version with the 'fast scaling' etc. optimization patch (by
Robert?). Anyway - a lot faster than the version some months ago.

> | As pointed out earlier, it's not possible anymore in the annotation
> | dialog to type enought letters to specify the tag I want to add and
> | press enter to activate tag / check the checkbox.

> And as pointed out in another thread, this is not the intention in the first
> place anyway, enter should still work.

Great - looking forward to see it work again.



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