[KPhotoAlbum] raw photos once again..

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Wed Sep 6 05:57:18 BST 2006

Found the 'ignore RAW' - option from the latest SVN, thank you!
And the new SVN seems to be a lot faster than the old one I had, great work!

As pointed out earlier, it's not possible anymore in the annotation
dialog to type enought letters to specify the tag I want to add and
press enter to activate tag / check the checkbox.

(in the persons, if I type Abraham, I'd see only Abraham Lincoln but
if I press Enter, nothing happens.. I have to chack the checkbox with
mouse, then select the text I wrote and delete it to see rest of the
list.. A whole lot of work than earlier when the whole list was
visible all the time and no checkboxes were used.

Generally, I'm not against checkboxes if using them is as easy as the
earlier way to mark tags was..


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