[KPhotoAlbum] raw photos once again..

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Fri Sep 1 13:35:20 BST 2006

   From: Ashley J Gittins <agittins at purple.dropbear.id.au>
   Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 22:21:46 +1000

   On Friday 01 September 2006 20:51, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
   > There's an option in the General settings to ignore RAW files if a
   > TIFF or JPEG also exists.

   That's no good for me - I have import scripts that process preview
   files (I extract the jpeg and overlay an RGB histogram on it as a
   preview image), and that image has "-sml.jpg" as a suffix. So I
   prefer that KPA ignore completely any raw files.

   Currently I am simply commenting out the "raf" line in
   src/rawimagedecoder.cpp (around line 73 in the version I've got)
   and using that.

I was doing that for quite a while before I submitted the patch to
ignore RAW files.

   What I would _LOVE_ to see is a regexp option, as Batmat suggested,
   that can be applied to the full path of filenames.

   Eg, I would like to be able to exclude filetypes _and_ possibly
   paths from indexing, that would be very cool. I dunno if it would
   cause a large performance hit though.

I think it would be useful, at a minimum, to:

1) Allow ignoring RAW files (in their various guises) altogether.

2) Allow ignoring certain directories (or directories with a
   particular name or names) altogether.

It would be more desirable to (also) allow include or exclude lists
matching regexps or shell expressions.  I doubt it would have a major
performance impact in most cases; it's only going to look at files
that aren't already indexed, and performance would only be an issue if
you were to import a really large number of files.  Even in that case
the import time would be dominated by the time required to generate
the MD5 hash of the image.

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