[KPhotoAlbum] Improved Image Viewer? [PATCH]

Baptiste MATHUS ml at batmat.net
Thu Dec 21 22:30:55 GMT 2006

2006/12/21, Shawn Willden <shawn-kimdaba at willden.org>:
> > Regarding packing, man have I asked for this forever. I don't have time,
> > nor interest, and esp not abilities to pack for a lot of different
> systems.
> > I've tried to pull of that I contacted the big players asking them to
> pack,
> > but even that takes a lot of time. So by all means, HELP!
> Okay, I'll try.  It shouldn't be too hard to build Debian packages, since
> I
> can use the kphotoalbum package in Debian as a starting point.

I'm also a programmer using Debian. I've never built a debian package other
than the kernel or using commands like apt-get source -b :-). But I guess
that's not that hard. The biggest thing might be to find the right
dependencies to declare it.

Also, I'd be happy to help with structuring and critiquing a
> kphotoalbum architecture document, although you'd obviously have to do
> most
> of the work.

No problem for me too to do those kinds of things. I don't have much qt
knowledge, but I guess I'll be able to review some general architecture
document. Maybe this will be even better from a "qt newbie" perspective :-).

Thanks again for your work, Jesper.

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