[KPhotoAlbum] Improved Image Viewer? [PATCH]

Sujee Maniyam kimdaba at sujee.net
Thu Dec 21 21:42:02 GMT 2006

In the spirit of contributing to KPA (which I have grown to love), I 
want to ask a couple of questions.

I am primarily a Java developer.  I have to admit I am kinda spoiled by 
great IDEs like Eclipse for developing and more importantly debugging. 
Does KPA hackers use an IDE like KDevelop?  How do you guys debug?

I know C++ pretty well (albeit a bit rusty), but don't have much 
experience with QT/KDE APIs.  I occasionally download KPA source, 
compile and install.  But I haven't attempted to develop it yet.

Any pointers?

thanks all

Shawn Willden wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 December 2006 18:45, Lars Clausen wrote:
>> Which leads me to think that the correct response to "How about doing X?"
>> would be "Look in Y.cpp and send me a patch".
> Excellent point.  A bit of guidance about what would need to be done to 
> accomplish X would probably go a long way toward getting someone to do it.  
> For me, once I'm looking at the right bit of code and see how to accomplish 
> X, it's hard to resist doing it.  I think most programmers are the same.
> 	Shawn.
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