[KimDaBa] bulkin' up with KimDaBa and Bash

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Tue Mar 22 06:32:17 GMT 2005

How about adding this tip to:

On Tuesday 22 March 2005 02:06, havoc wrote:
| As I have described earlier, I keep a parallel tree of JPEG thumbnails
| (800x533), which mirror the RAW tree. I KimDaBa only sees the JPEG tree.
| This has always made prepping images for print a royal pain. Being too
| lazy to write a proper Perl script to handle things, and deciding that I
| actually needed to learn how to make Bash to useful things, I have
| created a bash one-liner which uses recurses over a list of images with
| dcraw (RK's version), and a color profile to convert the images to JPEG,
| and dump them into a target directory.
| I just select the images I want to convert in KimDaBa, then drag and
| drop onto the terminal window (I'm using konsole).
| for image in list_of_files; do image=${image/\.jpg/};
| image=${image/\/photo\//\/photo_originals\/}; echo "image --> "$image;
| dcraw -4 -c -w  $image.crw | pnmnorm -bpercent 0 -wpercent 0.1
| -brightmax | pnmtotiff >/tmp/temp.tif; tifficc -i
| Personal_files/image_tools/eos10d-linear-8apr2004.icc /tmp/temp.tif
| /tmp/temp2.tif; convert -quality 100 -unsharp 5x1+1.2 /tmp/temp2.tif
| path/to/target_dir/${image/*crw_/crw_}.jpg; done
| '/photo/' is the path of my JPEG directory, which kimdaba is looking at.
| '/photo_originals/' is the path to my RAW files. You'll want to replace
| 'crw' with the raw extension of your camera.
| replace 'path/to/target_dir' with the target path, and then delete
| 'list_of_files' and drop your kimdaba selection with the courser there.
| You may want to tweak or remove ImageMagick's 'unsharp' settings.
| Any tips that would improve my final image quality would be greatly
| appreciated.
| jody

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