[KimDaBa] i18n of index.xml

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Tue Mar 15 17:06:04 GMT 2005

I'm running a German version of Kimdaba 2.0.
In my index.xml I've a segments like that:

  <option viewtype="0" viewsize="0" icon="personal" name="Personen" show="1" >
   <value value="Doris" />
   <value value="Anna" />

The attribute name has the i18n value Personen (=persons).

The properties of images use this name as reference:

  <image [...] >
    <option name="Personen" >
     <value value="Florian" />

Obviously the value of name is localized. Why? 
What happens if I use this index.xml in a non-German version of Kimdaba?
I think it would be better to have the captions of data types non-localized. 
But I also think that you might have a good reason to do it...



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