[KimDaBa] Unrelated (sort of): Crop/Framing tools

William Holland will at willholland.co.uk
Thu Jun 9 18:52:28 BST 2005

Sorry to spam people,  but I am going through images trying to get some 
printed off.

As I am trying to get my images correctly framed, and the format is varying 
(6x4, 5x3.5, 7x5) I would like to pre-crop my images to match these formats.  
I have been trying to use the GIMP, but this is not particularly friendly, as 
I cannot click-drag, then move the crop area around (to ensure I get what I 
want), and resize the crop area keeping the aspect ratio, before cropping.

I also spend a bit of time straightening horizon lines (easy enough in gimp, 
but one tool does all for my printing needs would be better!)

Does anyone know of such a tool?


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