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Jean-Michel FAYARD jmfayard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 14:07:01 GMT 2005

Following on the digikam export
The good news is that once again, insomnia has helped Open Source, my
new script is much better, it doesn't take a while to blindly dump the
digikam.db file, but update just what is needed and in both ways
(although in the way digikam.db => Kimdaba, it currently only prints
on stdout the new tags found)

The better news is that it'not only about digikam anymore, but about
KDE integration : digikam use a KIO protocol for his tags (
digikamtags:/ )
and that protocol doesn't need digikam for that, just sqlite[1] and
the kio_digikamtags slave. Just what you hoped to do, except that it
works NOW
and is fast since it doesn't have to do as many things as Kimdaba at startup
(load all the QT/kde libraries, check for new pictures, check if
existings pictures
still exists, ...). The only drawback is that the database will not be
only 98% actual, but that doesn't matter because the database doesn't
change, and the 2% missing are in one or two directories where you
just uploaded new files.

So I hope to see a "Maintenance -> Synchronize with KDE Image
Database" version of my (new) perl script. KimDaBa could become really
the KDE Image Database : two apps which can read/write the database,
only ONE protocol (As a user I would hate to have digikamtags:/ and
kimdabatags:/) , and many apps that can benefit from it :


[1] SQLITE http://www.sqlite.org/

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