[KimDaBa] Another display glitch

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Sat Jan 8 01:23:19 GMT 2005

There's another display glitch I sometimes see.  I don't have an
easily reproducible case, but I can reproduce it easily enough.

What happens is that sometimes the thumbnails are displayed with the
leftmost one in a row flush against the left side of the window, and
sometimes they're spaced over by maybe 40 pixels (128 pixel thumbnail
size).  It seems to depend upon the pattern of moving around within
the thumbnail view and scrolling and such, but I can't reproduce a
specific case.  In addition, sometimes there's extra spacing between
rows of thumbnails.

If you want to see an example, take a look at (look at rows 3-6 of the
thumbnails -- note that they're spaced over somewhat).

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