[KimDaBa] Suggestion for a good camera

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Fri Jan 7 07:01:01 GMT 2005

Sorry for this offtopic mail, but you are all the experts I know on this 
issue, and it does relate to KimDaBa very much ;-)

My old camera is now all the way back from 2001, it still works flawlessly, 
but I also feel that it needs an update to keep up with you guys ;-)

Also the camera is lacking esp. raw files, which seems to be more and more 
what people is going for. Without raw support in my camera chances that I'll 
get inclined for adding raw support to KimDaBa isn't too high.

God knows that I'm no hardware guy at all, so thats why I ask you for help, 
what should I get?
The camera must be lightweight, small and robust. I want to be able to have it 
in a pocket at a cocktail party, and it shouldn't break the first time I drop 
it - I think I've dropped my current camera at least 5 times ;-o

The camera must as a first thing, of course take good pictures, and fast 
focusing is one of the things I miss from my current camera.

What other features are requested to make kimdaba the cool app in the next 
decade? Raw files I guess. How about cameras with GPS in them, is that still 
only in extremely expensive cameras? Now how about video recording? My 
current camera does 320x200 in a lousy quality that makes me not want to 
record movies at all, is that better with todays cameras?


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