[KimDaBa] Canon RAW support

Jody Harris havoc at harrisdev.com
Fri Jan 7 00:35:29 GMT 2005


Before I started using KimDaBa with my 10D, and before I started 
shooting RAW, I had started keeping a copy of my full-res image tree in 
600x400 thumbnails.  I had done this to make browsing faster.  When I 
started using KimDaBa, I just pointed it at the "thumbnail" tree, and 
never looked back.  When Bibble came along, I was glad I had done this. 
  I had to rewrite my cfcard dumping program to convert the CRWs to the 
JPG thumbnails (and I started making 800x532 thumbnails).

I've actually been quite happy with this system.  Even when I have to 
"re-dump" thumbnails from Bibble to get good color, the system seems to 
pay off.  Of course, I've been using KimDaBa for a while, so I'm heavily 
vested in it (5700+ images).

On the other hand, Jesper is currently working on general RAW support. 
It may take him a while to get broad support out.  I still think I 
prefer to use the smaller images for management, and treat the 
full-res/RAW images as "digital negatives," so I don't mind having to 
"reach in the drawer" to pull them from the "originals" directory when I 
want to use them.

welcome to KimDaBa,

Jens wrote:
> Hi, I was just made aware of the existence of KimDaBa. Up to now, I have been 
> using Windows for my photo processing because of the lack of support thru 
> Linux. Now, with Bibble, I am almost to the point of shutting down my windows 
> box for good. The one thing I am still missing was a way to catalog my 
> pictures. I had attempted to run IMatch under Wine for cataloging but had 
> little success. Now, with KimDaBa, indexing of photos seems to be in reach.
> I set up a sample database but I find out that RAW files do not seem to be 
> supported. I am wondering if Raw support (specifically Canon 20D .cr2 files) 
> has been brought up before and if there has been any mention of if/when this 
> might be possible.
> I currently archive all my pictures in RAW format with IMatch under windows..

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