[KimDaBa] Bug-Report: loosing time information

Martin Hoeller martin at xss.co.at
Tue Jan 4 08:58:02 GMT 2005

Hi all!

I recently decided that i need something like a database for all my images
(>4000) and that way i found KimDaBa. It is exactly what i was searching
for and perfect for my needs!

Unfortunately i think it has a bug (like every software has). When i
categorize images it looses the (previously available) time and date

Let me explain what i mean on an example:

- i've a new folder X with one new image Y
- when i start KimDaBa it recognizes this new image correctly and reads
  the EXIF information from Y
- next i open the image and press ctrl-1 to categorize it
- even if i just press OK without changing anything the date and time
  information for Y will be lost!

Note that i found out that this behaviour only happens for images with
dates (date info coming from EXIF or set manually within kimdaba) before

I didn't notice this behaviour a week or so ago, so maybe it has something
to do with the new year 2005.

Does anybody else have this problem?

I'm using kimdaba 2.0-2 from Debian/unstable on an i386 architecture.

If you need any more information, please let me know!

thanks for the great work,
- martin

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