[KimDaBa] kimdaba2mysql-0.1.0 initial release

Jochen Wersdoerfer jochen-kimdaba at wersdoerfer.de
Sun Feb 20 19:07:54 GMT 2005

Hi *,

first of all, thanks for the great work on kimdaba. Without it,
my image-repository would be nothing more than a messy bit-heap.

Because i put many of my images on my website, i thought it would
have been nice to have the search-capabilities of kimdaba in form of
a webfrontend. Well, so i sat down and wrote a bunch of small
python scripts...

Their first task is to insert the metadata in the index.xml-file into
a database, because xml-parsing on every http-request sucks. After
that, you could create a webfrontend using the webscripting-language
of your choice (perl, php, python...). An example webfrontend, written
in python on top of quixote [1], is included.

Ok, here's an example website, created with kimdaba2mysql:

For additional information about this release and how to install
it on your webserver, look over there:

Here's the tarball:

This is a first, experimental release, so don't expect everything
to work trouble-free. Have fun :).

[1] http://www.mems-exchange.org/software/quixote/


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