[KimDaBa] Writting EXIF *to* files

G g at esil.univ-mrs.fr
Thu Dec 29 14:09:01 GMT 2005

Jesper K. Pedersen a écrit :

>I've now got a good library which easily will help me save EXIF information in 
>files, so I guess its time to fullfill one of the oldest wishlist items for 
>KimDaBa, namely saving information into the images.
>So where do you all want category information written? Does any other 
>application you use, read category information from a specific EXIF field? or 
>should it just be put into the description field?
>And for the rest of you: Dont worry, this will require explicit asking for it 
>before KimDaBa starts doing so ;-)
First, I want to thank you a lot for your work. Your product is very 
close to what I've dreamed for my images...

For your question about metadata, maybe (it's my opinion, but I'm not 
alone...) EXIF is not the best place to put informations about 

Aren't IPTC, or better XMP, preferable ???

Before Kimdaba, the best soft I've experienced is pixvue, from 
www.pixvue.com (which is, like Kimdaba, a one guy work...).

Principal feature of Pixvue : it manages both EXIF, IPTC and XMP 
metadata, ensuring the synchronization between IPTC and XMP, and permit 
an advanced search using all these metadata.

Mainly 2 HUGE weaknesses made me give up pixvue and give Kimdaba a try :
    - It's a freeware, non open source
    - it's a Windows only product.

Now, I'm a Kimdaba addict, so the introduction of metadata managing 
would be a great great feature for me...



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