[KimDaBa] Can't build from svn

Fredrik Linusson fredrik-kimdaba_gen at linusson.com
Wed Dec 14 11:04:04 GMT 2005

I get
mainview.o: In function `MainView::slotReReadExifInfo()':
mainview.cpp:(.text+0x8bb4): undefined reference to 
`Exif::ReReadDialog::ReReadDialog(QWidget*, char const*)'
mainview.cpp:(.text+0x8bcb): undefined reference to 
`Exif::ReReadDialog::exec(QStringList const&)'

What did I miss?

Running Gentoo on an amg64. All kipi stuff installed via portage but since 
thats optional anyway, it should not stop KimDaBa from compiling.


Something else I might have left out of date?

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