[KimDaBa] suggestion for tag dialog UI ...

Sujee Maniyam kimdaba at sujee.net
Thu Dec 1 18:54:13 GMT 2005

The problem is when I open a tag dialog for an image, there is no easy 
way to *glance* what tags are already assigned to the image.  I have to 
scroll all 3 categories looking for high lighted items.

(I am aware that tags are displayed in tool tips and image viewer)

What I am thinking is a small 'label' on top of every category list that 
displays the tags assigned from that section.  To be fancy the tags can 
be 'links' when clicked upon will take me to the tag in the list, so I 
can easily unselect
(see the attached image)

I am  not entirely happy with this proposal, but hoping this would get 
some ideas flowing.


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