[KimDaBa] article in LWN

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Fri Apr 22 10:19:22 BST 2005

On Friday 22 April 2005 11:15, Eivind wrote:
| On Friday 22 April 2005 11:05, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
| > A coworker of mine sent me an article from LWN
| >
| > But what made me really happy was the amount of people who stood up for
| > kimdaba.
| >
| > If any of you are here on this list, let me bring out a huge thank you,
| > that indeed made my day.
| "ekj" on Lwn is me. It appears that some of us with more experience with
| Kimdaba will get together and write an alternative "Enthusiasts guide to
| Kimdaba" for a later Lwn issue.
Hi Eivind, hi havoc.

That sounds great.


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