[KimDaBa] Newbie Q: Auto-assign Location/Persons on import?

Michael Sternberg starbuzz at comcast.net
Thu Sep 30 06:27:48 BST 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 04:29, Jean-Michel FAYARD wrote:
> Hello, in KimDaBa 2.0 which is getting close, you can browse by folder
> exactly the same way you browse by Persons, Location or Keywords now,
> but auto-assigned, so your transition effort will be close to zero.

Thanks for implementing this, Jean-Michel.  I managed to compile and run the 
current CVS version.  This is indeed a good way towards what I had asked.

However, I was surprised to see only the "leaves" of the directory tree show 
up as virtual albums.  For instance, I have:


How do I select all pictures from "Paderborn" (along with, say, a high rating, 
defined via a separate Category), e.g. in order to export them as an album?  
--  The "Folder" selector in "Advanced Search" is a picklist -- could one 
enter a pattern (regex) there?  Multiple mouse clicks do construct a Boolean 
expression with folder names linked by "&" (AND), resulting in a NULL 
intersect upon "Search".  Therefore, I think "|" (OR)  would be better here.

If I place additional pictures in the tree at intermediate levels, say 
"Paderborn/foo.jpg", I get "Paderborn" to show up as separate folder, but it 
only lists one picture, not all below.

Now, these are details of workarounds.  I think that to make KimDaBa more 
transparent and easier to use, it should scan and show the folder structure 
hierarchically and cumulatively right away, perhaps by multiple "Folder" 
attributes, or, for less redundancy, through "Member Groups".

I guess I'm asking for database-like features with easy filesystem-level 
access that KimDaBa provides, but without the overhead of a database engine 
-- is it the right tool for this purpose?

Regards, Michael
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