[KimDaBa] Newbie Q: Auto-assign Location/Persons on import?

Michael Sternberg starbuzz at comcast.net
Tue Sep 28 04:59:06 BST 2004


I have a collection of a couple thousand images, currently stored in a
directory hierarchy primarily organised by location, roughly following this


When I point kimdaba at this tree, I'd be faced with a flat list of
 thumbnails (broken down into chunks of 100 per default).  Obviously, this is
 impractical as a base for importing and further maintaining such a
 collection.  The need for going beyond the simple tree scheme arose since I
 want to assign "event" labels which cover multiple sites in turn, and
 create/view albums by location and/or event.  It seems Kimdaba would be
 perfect for this (single user, single machine, no need for SQL engine) once
 the initial import is done.

So the question I'd like to ask is this:  What would be the best way to
 retain information from an existing directory hierarchy upon import (pickup)
  into kimdaba?

I'm using kimdaba-1.1 with SuSE-9.1.

Regards, Michael
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